CWT Vision - April 2014

Insights into Effective Travel Management

The new digital reality

Managed travel must evolve to keep pace with rapidly changing technology and traveler expectations CWT suggests most critical areas of focus within the travel ecosystem

CWT VisionOur world is becoming increasingly digital, with travelers who intuitively make decisions on the fly based on access to continual information at their fingertips. All of this creates a whole new set of opportunities and challenges for managed travel.

At the same time, the “travel ecosystem” has become somewhat of an industry buzz word, but what does it really mean for travel buyers and suppliers? In the following, CWT shares its travel ecosystem and highlights the most critical areas where we think all industry parties should be focused for maximum benefit, now and in the future.

Focusing on largest opportunities

CWT has defined the travel ecosystem in terms of the activities that occur over the lifecycle of a trip – pre-trip, during the trip, and post-trip – from the perspective of both the travel manager and the traveler. New and emerging trends, such as personalization and consumerization, are increasing traveler expectations of the user experience associated with business travel.

Managed travel providers have an opportunity to respond to those expectations with new technologies and approaches, while still respecting and accomplishing the fundamental goals of travel management. The largest areas of opportunity CWT sees today for organizations to further improve their programs and the traveler experience include door-to-door booking, mobile, and Big Data.

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