CWT Vision - October 2014

Insights into effective travel management

Mobile meets managed travel

Business travelers' use of mobile technology is increasing. CWT's Travel Management Institute reveals the eight key steps to managing mobile in your travel program.

CWT VisionTravelers and travel managers are expecting corporate travel bookings made via mobile to double in the next two years, from 4-7 percent to 11-15 percent. In response to this trend, 80 percent of travel managers are expected to implement a mobile policy by 2016, compared with only 29 percent today.



To support organizations in the creation of their mobile policy, CWT's Travel Management Institute (TMI) recently published Tap into mobile service: Managed travel in the digital economy. The study, based on a recent global survey of over 160 travel managers, traveler surveys and in-depth interviews with industry experts, explores how quickly travelers are adopting mobile travel apps, and how well their expectations are being met. It also reviews how the latest solutions are impacting managed travel programs, and how companies can best manage the risks and opportunities.


Based on these findings, the latest issue of CWT Vision reveals the barriers to be aware of and the key steps to follow when looking to successfully manage mobile in your travel program.

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